Regency Inspired Summer Crochet Top

I fell in love with the regency inspired dresses in Bridgerton and wanted to make a summer top in the same high-waisted style and fitted bodice. To get this, I opted to make a ribbed top to keep the bodice tight and then combine that with a flowy mesh stitch to create a lovely baby doll top.

I used Lion Brand Truboo in Seafoam. This yarn is super silky and the final product had amazing drape, but the yarn itself would slightly split during construction. It wasn’t enough to make me hate the product and I would definitely use this yarn again.

There is a lot of positive ease or stretch to this garment after wearing it. Compare the photos below of the top on the mannequin above (prior to wearing) and on me afterwards below. You can see that the top stretched quite a bit! Please take this into consideration when you are wearing it. I prefered the loose, drapey fit so I kept the pattern as is without adjusting it. The looser fit makes it great to wear with leggings.

Lion Brand recommends washing Truboo yarn as normal but laying it flat to dry. I was curious to see what would happen if I put it in the dryer…. Would all that positive ease from blocking disappear? Sure enough it did. There was quite a bit more pilling after the dryer. While it did help to shrink the top, the shrinkage was slightly uneven. I’ll post an update after I wear it to let you know if it stretches out again.

The pattern is straight forward, but there are are couple of tricks that I talk about on the video to make it easier and will guide you through. You can watch it here:

What you will need:

DK weight yarn, about 723- 964 for a medium. I used Truboo Yarn from Lion Brand in Seafoam.

3.5mm Crochet Hook for the Bodice

4mm Crochet Hook for the Body


Tape Measure

Stitch Markers

Tapestry needle

Gauge: Bodice – 4″x4″ = 28.5 sts by 25.5 rows Body – 4″x4″ = 23 sts by 7 rows; remember you are working the bodice sideways so rows count towards width of bodice while sts count towards height.


Ch = Chain

Sl st = Slip Stitch

Sk = Skip

Sc = Single Crochet

BLOSC = Back loop only single crochet

Dc = Double Crochet


The pattern uses bra sizes to get the best fit. This pattern was tested using Cup size C and band size 36. The pattern has a lot of positive ease so consider sizing down by a full or half size to make a more fitted garment. The pattern has not been tested on other sizes so I highly recommend trying on as you go and making adjustments as needed.


I’ve made this top based on bust size, but another way to gauge your size would be to assume that 32A is a X-Small, 34B is a Small, 36C is a Medium, 38D is Large and 40DD is X-Large. .

For the Bodice, the chain length can be adjusted for bra cup size. The ch 41 is for a size C. Use the following guide for different cup sizes:

Bra SizeChains

Ch according the table above. For a C, you will chain 41. Sc in the second loop from the hook. Sc in each loop until the end of the chain. You should have 40 sts.

Ch 1 and turn your work. **BLOSC in each Sc until the last st. Sc in the last st. Ch 1 and turn your work.**

Repeat **** for a total of rows based on the bra band size. I did 198 rows for size 36 and found it comfortably loose after blocking.

Band SizeRows

Seam the ends of your work together to make the bodice.


At the seam, sl st into the bottom of the bodice. You will now be working in the round along the bottom of the bodice. Each row of BLOSC will count as 1 st for the next section. For Row 1, Ch 3 (this counts as your first st) then 1 Dc in the second st. For the third st, place 2 Dc. Repeat 1 Dc, 1 Dc, 2 Dc in each st until you reach the end. You should have approximately 264 sts for size 36C. Please watch the video to see how to place the Dc and how to do the increases.

Sl st into the Ch 3 of Row 1. Ch 4 and turn your work. The ch 4 will count as 1 Dc and 1 ch. Sk one st and Dc into the next st. ^^Ch 1, Sk 1 and Dc^^. Repeat ^^^^ until you reach the end of Row 2. The last st should be a skipped st. Sl st into the 3rd chain of the Ch 4. You should have 264 sts for size 36C.

Ch 3 and turn your work. For Row 3, place 1 Dc in each st and 1 Dc in each ch space. Sl st into the top of the ch 3, Ch 4 and turn your work. Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until you reach the desired length. Sl st into the first st and tie off. I did 25 rows total.


I highly recommend you try on your top and use stitch markers to mark where you’d like the straps placed. For me, when I laid the top flat, the straps were approximately 3.75 inches from edge.

For the straps, ch 9. Dc in the 4th loop from the hook. The ch 3 will count as 1 Dc. Place 1 Dc in the next 5 loops. Including the ch 3, you will have 7 sts. Ch 4 and turn your work. For Strap Row 2, repeat Row 2 from above. For Strap Row 3, repeat Row 3 from above. You will be alternating Dc rows with Mesh Dc rows, and you will always have 7 sts. The last row should always be a DC only row to make attachment easy.

For the strap length, I recommend trying it on. There is also a lot of positive ease in this yarn and pattern so I recommend going a little shorter than you think as the straps will stretch out. My recommendations are as follows:

X-Small/Small – 9 inches

Medium – 10 inches

Large – 10.5 inches

X-Large – 11 inches

Once both straps are complete, whip stitch the straps on. I recommend working on the wrong side of the garment to hide the seams.

After blocking, there was an increased amount of stretch and some minimal pilling of the yarn.


  • If you want a loose, drapey fit, keep the pattern as is. If you want a more fitted look, size down.
  • If you have a larger or smaller bust, adjust the initial chain length for the bodice.
  • If you are slender, consider doing less increases
  • If you have a smaller waist, consider weaving in a ribbon or a chain of yarn to cinch at the first row of double crochets
  • Remember to try on as you go!! You can tailor this pattern to fit you as best as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this pattern! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. If you found this post helpful, consider buying me a coffee. Thanks and Happy Crocheting!

xoxo Serena

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